01P. Sisay Pacha Perfume – Blossoming

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This type of aromatherapy and shamanic perfumism is an ancient Amazonian science. With this aroma you will feel an “ancestral flowering”, you will open your path and feel the blessing of magical plants. In Quechua language Sisay means “to bloom” and Pacha means “time-space” with which, this perfume is for “the instant of internal flowering“.

Content: Alcohol-based perfume, organic and handmade of Amazonian origin with magical plants. External use. Do not mix or dilute the original aromatic creation.

Suggested use

Before applying the perfume focus on its purpose. Steps 1, 2 and 3 are performed every morning on a continuous basis.

Place 7 drops on the inner side of the wrist and rub them together for 1 minute.

Place 7 drops on the crown of the head and gently massage the area for 1 minute.

Place 7 drops on the sternum and gently tap and vibrate for 1 minute.

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