019. Eternal Coca Mama


Blooming words.
Cosmic mother. Unconditional love. Spiritual wealth.

Mama Coca sacred leaf of the Andes, gives nourishment and spiritual nourishment. This essence will help to equalize the mind and give lightness. You will feel the shelter and unconditional love of the Pachamama, you will be united as a child of the Earth, of the Sun, brother of the Moon and the stars. Mama coca will give luminous ideas and high spiritual aspirations for the common good.

Content: Vibrations of flowers in sacred spring. 40%vol.alcohol. Stock bottle 15ml. Essences are not a substitute for medical treatment. No adverse effects. These essences are not combined with other systems. Preserve the original base of elaboration. Keep away from electromagnetism, heat and direct sunlight.

Suggested use

To learn about the breadth and therapeutic potential of each remedy, we recommend taking the official course curanderita basic level 1. You can also requestprivate consultation with a specialized therapist.

Select the essence you need with a testing method: pendulum, kinesiology, arm reflex, balancing, etc.

Prepare a 30ml dropper with mineral spring water.

Test the number of drops you will take and pour them into the dropper, start drinking your ancestral floral formula.

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