M07. Andean Llama


Andean Llama
Medicine: Abundance. Laboriousness. Persistence. Tenacity. Wealth.
Related suggestions: Qollasuyu

Content: cosmo-telluric frequency of animal and spring water. 40%vol. alcohol. Stock bottle 15ml. This essence does not replace any medical treatment. No adverse effects. Do no mix with other systems. Preserve the original base. No animals are used for elaboration. Keep away from electromagnetism, heat, or direct sunlinght.

Suggested use

We recommend the official Curanderita Practitioners Level 1 course in order to get to know the therapeutic potential and the wide range of ancestral essences as well as to complement it with the modules. For private consultation, please ask for a specialised therapist..

Select the stock of the master animal essence for which you recognise the medicine you need to deepen your knowledge.

Fill a 30ml dropper with mineral spring water, and pour in 7 drops of the stock essence.

Drink the mixture: 7 drops, 7 times a day, for 21 days. Repeat the preparation for 21 days.

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